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Provenance powers sustainability claims you can trust, to help you shop in line with your values.

We live in the world we buy into

Every day, we buy products that impact people and planet. But we rarely have the information we need to make positive choices about what to buy. And when brands do make sustainability claims, it can be hard to tell what’s genuine and what’s greenwash.

Powering positive purchases for people and planet

To help shoppers drive change through their purchasing power, Provenance works with brands to make sustainability information available online and in-store via QR codes. We protect shoppers from greenwash by connecting claims to evidence from the supply chain or third-party verification.

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Buy better, with confidence

Consistent claims

Consistent claims

When you see a claim that’s 'Powered by Provenance', you can be confident it means the same thing wherever you see it.

Integrated proof

Integrated proof

All claims on Provenance are supported by supply chain proof or third-party verification, so you can trust their integrity.

Dig deeper

Dig deeper

Interactive Proof Points allow shoppers to learn about the standards behind a certification.

Understand certifications

Understand certifications

Learn more about the standards behind third-party certifications with interactive Proof Points.

We're proudly independent

We’re a small, independent team of conscious citizens. As a social enterprise and certified B Corp backed by impact investors, we exist to to drive positive change for people and planet.

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Why do only some claims have a verified tick?

With Provenance, brands can provide two different levels of proof.

Evidenced: Evidenced Proof Points require the brand to attach evidence to publicly support their claim.

Verified: A Proof Point is Verified when a third party confirms the claim is accurate. Verified Proof Points have a green tick to reflect the enhanced credibility of an independently validated claim.

Can I buy products through Provenance?

Provenance isn’t a marketplace or shop – we don’t sell products. Instead, we help brands share information about the impact of their products so that you can know the impact of the things you buy.

How sustainable is Provenance’s use of blockchain technology?

Although solutions are being developed, the energy consumption required by public blockchains is a legitimate cause for concern.

That’s why we use blockchain very conservatively at Provenance. We only ever use it to record third-party verification of Proof Points, where we believe a decentralised approach adds unique value to the brand and shopper.

How does Provenance differ from certification bodies?

Although we review evidence submitted for Proof Points, we are not a certification body. However, our technology allows brands to digitise any third party verifications and certifications. This gives shoppers certainty that a certification is authentic, and allows them to learn more about the standards required.

What information does Provenance share about products?

Provenance enables brands to share information about the impact of their products on people, animals and planet.

Our Transparency Framework – a standardised rulebook for communicating impact – includes 100+ Proof Points, ranging from ‘Audited Factory Conditions’ to ‘100% Renewable Energy’. The Framework also allows brands to publish digitised certifications, from ‘Fairtrade’ to ‘Cruelty-Free (PETA)’.

How does Provenance make money?

Brands pay to use our software. This allows them to communicate their progress on sustainability with shoppers and industry partners in an engaging and credible way.

We are also funded by impact investors and, in 2020, we received prize funding as part of the European Commission’s ‘Blockchains for Social Good’ initiative.

What makes Provenance trustworthy?

Provenance is an independent social enterprise and certified B Corp that’s committed to transparency and protecting against greenwashing.

However, we recognise that like any other business, we’re not best placed to judge our own actions. So, to make sure we continue to act for people and planet as we grow, we’ve appointed our own Integrity Council.

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