Powering impact-led commerce

From day one, we’ve been using technology to bring a digital footprint to physical products so that we can all understand more about the impact of the things we buy.

Pioneering blockchain tech since 2013

As the first to apply blockchain technology to supply chains, we established a new use case for the emerging tech. This set it on a course to tackle some of the profound issues in traceability. We also released a widely-read whitepaper on our blockchain prototype that enabled physical products to come with digital ‘passports’, proving authenticity and origin while creating an auditable record of the journey. We went on as the first to use blockchain to track products to market – first fish, then fleece. Our groundbreaking approach is still used as a blueprint across industries.

Learning that impact, not the journey, that matters most

Our priority is not on internal efficiencies and risk management for your supply chain – though we can help support. We think this falls short of what we (and citizens) really want to know. It’s not just about the transactions as a product moves across a supply chain – it’s about the impact it has at every stage. When citizens want to know the origin and journey of what they buy, we’ve learned they really just care if they are only supporting ‘good’ brands that align with their own personal values. Herein lies transparency, not traceability.

Leading the evolution of blockchain for the future of brand trust

We’re continuing to build on public, open blockchains to champion transparency with integrity. This helps create a decentralised, auditable, tamper-proof layer of information between businesses and shoppers, enabling greater integrity and a way to review 'verified' information – something the shopper hasn't been able to see before.

Connecting digital with physical

Provenance can be linked to any physical product – through labelling, smart tags and through embeds for your website or app. Bring Provenance to wherever your products are – online and on-pack. We often work in partnership with hardware and smart tagging companies, as well as e-commerce platforms.

Open source and built as a force for good

Provenance is a transparent company and our core work is all open source and very open to comment and critique. Our platform must work for business, citizens, developers and the planet. To ensure this, we develop our core tools out in the open. Please find out more on open.provenance.org

Use tech for good in your business and become transparent with Provenance

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