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Powering impact-led commerce

From day one, we’ve been using technology as a force for good. Our innovation enables businesses to build brand trust and empowers citizens to know more about the journey and impact behind the things we buy.

Pioneering blockchain tech since 2013

We are known for our early development on the Ethereum blockchain. In our widely-read whitepaper, our blockchain prototype enabled physical products to come with digital ‘passports’. Proving authenticity and origin, while creating an auditable record of the journey. We were one of the first companies to use blockchain tech to track products in this way – famously open sourcing our 2015 use case in the tuna industry. This groundbreaking approach is still used as a blueprint across industries.

It’s the impact of the product, not the journey, that matters most

Tech to aid internal efficiencies and risk management within supply chains is valuable, but falls short of what we need as citizens. It’s not just about the transactions as a product moves across a supply chain – it’s about the impact on people and the planet at every stage. Provenance is an independent, mission driven social enterprise. We are here to empower citizens and businesses to unite in a system where the ‘good’ brands and products win. Our use of tech has evolved to primarily meet this need.

Leading the way for tech as a force for social and environmental good

We’re continuing to build on public blockchains to champion transparency with integrity. This creates a decentralised, auditable, tamper-proof layer of information between businesses and shoppers. Enabling shoppers to review 'verified' information on businesses and products.

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Transforming physical products into a digital platform

Physical products are an underutilised connection between brand and customer. Provenance digital experiences can be linked to any physical product – through labelling (QR codes) and smart tags (NFC). We work in collaboration with hardware companies to create the right experience for brands.

Open source and built for lasting integrity

Provenance is a transparent company and our core work is all open and collaborative. Our platform works to bring together businesses who sell products, organisations protecting people and the planet, and citizens who buy products, in a way that’s designed for an ethical Internet.

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