Create and publish engaging, trustworthy sustainability content

Provenance technology lets you easily turn supply chain data into credible shopper-facing communications.

Discover our solutions
Discover our solutions
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Make sustainability communications your strategic advantage

Sustainability data doesn’t lend itself easily to simple marketing messaging. Technical and complex, it stays trapped in B2B systems and annual CSR reports. Our technology helps brands unlock this information to drive brand value.

For brands making genuine progress on sustainability, we offer a way to differentiate from competitors publishing one-off campaigns and self-accredited claims.

Build trust with proof-backed communications

Build trust with proof-backed communications

Turn complex data into clear messaging

Turn complex data into clear messaging

Uncover transparency opportunities

Uncover transparency opportunities

Save time and scale efficiently

Save time and scale efficiently


Deliver content that shoppers can trust

Provenance Framework

Communicate credibly today and tomorrow

Reduce the risk of greenwashing with a standardised framework for communicating impact.

Sense check your claims and map your social and environmental impact.

Turn complex data into simple messaging.

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Proof Points

Share proof with your customers

Each claim requires a minimum level of evidence so that it is credible.

Prove impact with data from your supply chain, recorded on the blockchain.

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Third-Party Proof

Digitize third-party certifications

Display third-party proof with interactive verification badges.

Unlock value by educating customers on certifications and the work you’ve done to meet the required criteria.

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Easily gather content into shopper-facing experiences

Consolidate your supply chain data in one place, translate into engaging published content and easily maintain to ensure up-to-date messaging.

Product Stories

Share your sustainability story in a dynamic format

Land key brand messages in a mobile-optimized story.

Demonstrate credibility by integrating proof and third-party verification.

Drive engagement by linking Product Stories to your website or social media.

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Network Maps

Map your suppliers publicly

Showcase your suppliers in an interactive map of your supply chain.

Add in supplier data to demonstrate positive sourcing choices.

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Product Journeys

Share the impact at each stage of your supply chain

Identify suppliers, processes and ingredients in an interactive product timeline.

Add in claims and certifications at each stage to provide assurance.

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Digital Experiences

Engage shoppers with customised experiences

Combine different modules to speak to different stakeholders, from retailers to shoppers.

Build trust with a comprehensive transparency experience.

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See how Princes responsibly source their tuna

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See how Napolina source their tinned tomatoes

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Create content once,
publish everywhere


Strengthen your sustainability web pages with integrated content

Build industry trust by embedding sustainability content into your corporate or brand website.


QR Codes

Connect with shoppers through off-pack experiences

Engage shoppers with your sustainability content via QR codes.

QR Codes


Boost online conversion with embedded proof

Publish claims or certifications as interactive badges on product pages.

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Social Media

Equip your social media team with the facts

Share links to your content on social and respond to shoppers with evidence.

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Discover what matters
to your customers


Inform your sustainability communications strategy with customer insights

Marketing teams can get real-time insights on how content is resonating with your audience.

Use these insights to quickly iterate your content and meet your goals.

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Leading brands are growing brand value with Provenance

Princes Group is turning tuna sourcing data into brand value

Read the case study

Discover how 110+ brands drove 41% higher add-to-cart rates on Cult Beauty with Provenance

Read the case study
Unlock brand value with Provenance

Speak to one of our team to find out how Provenance can help you turn positive social and environmental impact into brand value.

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