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HUM Nutrition has 7 Proof Points

Climate Waste 3 Nature 3 Workers Communities 1

What makes Provenance trustworthy?

Provenance ensures that every claim a brand makes about its sustainability efforts, through our platform, comes with proof.


These claims, known as Proof Points, help shoppers like you make informed purchases – because every item bought has an impact on people and planet.

What type of brands are on the Directory and how are they listed?

You’ll find hundreds of brands listed and more join every day. By default, brands are listed in order of most to least number of Proof Points on the Directory homepage.

How do I use the Provenance Directory?

The Provenance Directory is a great place to discover and buy from brands that match your values. You can:

  1. Use the search bar to find a particular brand and browse its Proof Points
  2. Filter brands by product type (e.g. haircare), by area of impact (e.g. Vegan) or by retailer (e.g. Cult Beauty)
  3. Scroll the Directory from top to bottom to explore the range of impact our brands are having on people and planet

To provide feedback or suggestions on the Provenance Directory, just contact us.

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