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Climate Waste Nature 1 Workers Communities 2

What makes Provenance trustworthy?

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What type of brands are on the Directory and how are they listed?

You’ll find hundreds of brands listed and more join every day. By default, brands are listed in order of most to least number of Proof Points on the Directory homepage.

How do I use the Provenance Directory?

The Provenance Directory is a great place to discover and buy from brands that match your values. You can:

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Brand Proof Points

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Kapha Face Serum

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Vata Nourish Body Oil

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Eczema-Psoriasis Body Oil

Toning Body Oil for Cellulite

Muscle + Joint Body Oil

Mama Belly Oil

Baby Massage Oil

Eczema-Psoriasis Facial Treatment

Himalayan Detox Bath Salts

Pitta Alkalizing Herbal Cleanser

Kapha Green Clay Cleanser

Sattvic Herbal Dry Shampoo

Purifying Facial Oil Acne

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Eczema-Psoriasis Body Oil 8oz

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