Platform update: Tell the story and prove the impact behind your product

Published on
March 24, 2020
The Provenance Team

Engage shoppers with a bespoke storytelling experience for transparency.

Product Stories are a way for you to show shoppers how your product was made, who was involved and the proof of your impact. Deliver this content as a mobile-first experience to your shoppers, either when they scan a QR code on your product or interact with it at digital touchpoints.More than marketing, they are a storytelling tool that can build trust with shoppers at the same time.See an example from fashion designer Richard Malone here (best viewed on mobile)

What's new in Product Stories

For Provenance members that already use Product Stories, we are excited to introduce these changes:

  • Card titles and descriptions that are now on one card
  • A status bar along the top to help communicate progress through a story
  • Navigation buttons on the cards have been removed and now shoppers can tap or swipe to the next card, just like Instagram Stories
  • Images that now cover the full card
  • Your logo and product name are at the top all the way through

A more visual, seamless experience

We have made these changes because they will help you:

  1. Ensure shoppers can navigate easily, with less taps/swipes, to the end of the experience and click through to your website.
  2. Engage shoppers with bigger imagery and a more visual experience that they are already used to from other channels.

Communicate your Product Story

We know telling the unique story and impact behind your products is a key way for you to stand out. At Provenance we will continue to develop our tools to best help you do this and would love to hear any feedback here.

New to Provenance? Learn more about how our platform can help you engage customers and deliver transparency here.

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The Provenance Team

Provenance is setting a new global standard for consumer sustainability, by validating and amplifying sustainability credentials throughout the customer journey. Provenance’s platform enables businesses to be transparent about their impact, so that they can reduce the risk of greenwashing, realise their sustainability ambitions and future-proof their market share. 200+ leading CPG businesses are using Provenance to communicate their sustainability credentials, including Cult Beauty, The Ordinary, The Nue Co, Shiseido, BELU, Arla and Napolina.

The Provenance Team

Provenance powers sustainability claims you can trust. The global leader in sustainability marketing technology, Provenance helps brands and retailers share credible, compelling and fact-checked social and environmental impact information at the point of sale. Provenance’s technology is already increasing conversion rates, brand value and market share for customers including Cult Beauty, Douglas, GANNI, Napolina, Arla and Unilever

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