Provenance wins 'Green Retail' award at Douglas Beauty Futures pitch

Provenance wins 'Green Retail' award at Douglas Beauty Futures pitch
Jessi Baker pitches Provenance at the Douglas Beauty Futures event in Dusseldorf.

Provenance was announced as the winner of the ‘Green Retail’ award at the retailer’s ‘Beauty Futures’ Innovation Pitch in Dusseldorf, a start-up competition now in its third year. The competition is aimed at bringing new brands, technologies and sustainability initiatives to the company.

Provenance beat competition from some 196 start-ups from 23 countries, in a process consisting of several phases. The judging panel included:

  • Tina Müller (Douglas Chief Executive Officer)
  • Susanne Cornelius (Douglas Chief Marketing Officer and Douglas Own Brands Executive Vice President)
  • Vanessa Stützle (Douglas Chief Digital Officer)
  • Isabell Hendrichs (Executive Vice President of Assortment and Purchasing)

Provenance is now working closely with the Douglas team to set up a transparency tech pilot for Douglas’ e-commerce site.

To learn more about the awards, read full coverage on BW Confidential.

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