‘The future of branding is glass boxes’, says Provenance CEO

Published on
February 9, 2021

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Jessi Baker, Founder & CEO of Provenance, spoke with Kacey Culliney from Cosmetics Design Europe about the rapid growth in demand for transparency in beauty. 

“There’s a lot of beauty brands that know a surprising amount but because they don’t know everything, they’re not being as transparent as they could be. Some beauty brands own farms, production, but they don’t talk about it at all,” she said.

This lack of communication was particularly common amongst luxury beauty brands, she said, perhaps because of entrenched traditions that the consumer should simply trust brands were “doing the right thing”.

“They just don’t talk about it; I think they’re massively missing a trick. Branding is changing. We don’t just believe labels. For me, the future of branding is glass boxes – seeing right in and knowing the values of that brand match your own. There’s a mentality change, consumers are going through that mentality change, but also for brand managers and those who are guardians of the brand.” 

“It’s complicated; it’s like taking your clothes off in public. And a lot [of beauty brands] are waiting for perfection which could be an error,” she said.

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