Traceable and transparent dog food service, Marleybones, launches in UK – Retail Times

Marleybones x transparent pet food
Image credit: Marleybones founders are challenging the pet food industry with full transparency.

Addressing a need from conscious shoppers to tackle the ‘unknowns’ in their pet food, Marleybones set out to challenge an industry dominated by vague ingredient lists and unverified claims such as ‘natural’, ‘fresh’, and ‘high-quality’.

“When we started Marleybones, we knew we had to take a different approach to the existing pet food industry. The regulatory standards currently allow by-products such as feather and blood, with no nutritional benefits to speak of, in processed dog foods. Coupled with an overwhelming number of claims of content and quality, it becomes impossible to understand what we are actually feeding our dogs. With blockchain-backed transparency we empower our customers to make conscious, informed choices – for the health of their dog, people and our planet.” – Mikala Alexandra Wilson Skov, co-founder of Marleybones, along with Josephine Rode Bager.

Read more about how they’re using Provenance online and on-pack to ensure integrity around their premium ingredients and impact in the full article on the Retail Times.