Harper’s Bazaar features Provenance in 2022 trends piece

Published on
December 17, 2021

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Harper’s Bazaar looked ahead at 2022 with a trends predictions piece from digital beauty director Bridget March. ‘8 beauty trends that will explode in 2022’ looks at the key trends to watch in 2022, from how we’ll express ourselves through products, to the progress being made in sustainability and inclusion across the industry.

Bridget March saw the war on greenwashing in the beauty industry intensifying, and called out Provenance’s fact-checking transparency tech as a key tool for brands looking to prove their green credentials.

“With demand for clarity over beauty brands’ values – and transparency tech companies like Provenance helping prove eco-claims – consumers are calling time on misleading marketing. Expect more action like The British Beauty Council’s recent Planet Positive Beauty Guide helping consumers avoid ‘greenwashed’ products.”

To read the original article on Harper's Bazaar, featuring all 8 key trends for 2022, click here.

Or, to see how Provenance's transparency tech works in practice for beauty brands, check out our case study for Tropic Skincare.

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