Tropic Skincare is educating and assuring customers with Proof Points

The beauty brand is using proof-backed claims to increase brand trust and improve shoppers’ understanding of its social and environmental impact.


Tropic Skincare


London, UK




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The Problem

Shoppers lacked understanding and proof of sustainability claims

From donating to charity to double offsetting their carbon emissions, Tropic Skincare wants to be a force for good beyond beauty. But communicating this was no easy task: dense sustainability reports and complex certifications had left their customers overwhelmed. Tropic Skincare needed to give its customers – and its 20,000+ brand Ambassadors – greater clarity on its social and environmental impact, and to support every claim with clear evidence. In order to provide better education and assurance on sustainability, Tropic Skincare sought an e-commerce solution that made information and proof of impact easily accessible to shoppers.

The Solution

Clear, interactive, evidenced claims at the point of sale

By embedding Provenance’s interactive Proof Points on their e-commerce site, Tropic Skincare is providing verified information about the social and environmental impact of products at the point of sale, empowering customers to shop in line with their values. With one click, brand Ambassadors and customers can now find real data supporting Tropic Skincare’s ethical claims. They can also find clear, shopper-friendly information explaining what the brand means when it says it donates to charity, that it’s CarbonNeutral® certified, or that a product is COSMOS Certified Organic.

The results

Increased brand trust

By providing greater transparency around their social and environmental impact, Tropic Skincare is assuring values-led shoppers and building long-term brand trust.

Shopper-friendly sustainability claims

By communicating with the Provenance Framework, Tropic Skincare is avoiding jargon and turning complex supply chain data into easy-to-understand claims.

Educating shoppers on positive impact

Proof Points have allowed Tropic Skincare to easily educate both brand Ambassadors and shoppers on its sustainability progress.

“Today’s beauty shoppers want to be as informed as possible about products’ social and environmental impact, but they’re rightly wary of greenwashing. Through Provenance’s Proof Points, we’re making easy-to-understand sustainability claims, supported by easily-accessible data, to empower our customers to make purchases that truly match their values.”

Susie Ma

Founder & Managing Director

Turn positive social and environmental impact into brand value

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