'Princes pursues transparency with Napolina QR codes' – Food Manufacture

'Princes pursues transparency with Napolina QR codes' – Food Manufacture

In the first of our projects to go live as a part of our partnership with the Princes Group, you can now find their supply chain and impact information opened up for customers to access at the point-of-sale.

"Princes has launched on-pack quick response (QR) codes on its Napolina canned tomatoes, enabling smartphone users to view their quality and sustainability credentials as part of a broader blockchain-enabled transparency drive" – Food Manufacture

Our founder & CEO, Jessi Baker, explains why this is so important to our wider Provenance mission: "There is significant growth in the market for products labelled as ‘sustainable’ and ‘ethical’ – but the next iteration of this is transparency with integrity. Citizens are expecting brands to be more open so that we can all make more conscious, informed purchasing decisions. This partnership with Princes is about helping get the information into the hands of shoppers and creating a more honest dialogue about the work that’s being done and in progress towards a more positive food system.”Read the full article on

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