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Building trust in sourcing across a product range

Princes knew they could better use their fish traceability data to prove their responsible sourcing. Using Provenance, they now offer a customer-facing transparency experience across their product range online and in-store.


Princes Group is one of Europe’s largest food and drink groups, supplying grocers with branded and private label canned goods that reach millions of shoppers. They have partnered with Provenance as a part of a strategic transformation towards becoming a more purpose-driven and transparent business. They are now providing open, proven information to their customers and shoppers on their sustainability initiatives in canned fish – from source to store.

Working with

The Challenge

How to turn traceability data into brand value

With changes in regulation, retail partner demands and shopper expectations, Princes have a growing volume of data to support their responsible sourcing and manufacturing processes. They needed to communicate this with shoppers and B2B partners in a way that was understandable, consistent and offered assurance.

The Solution

A digital customer experience showing responsible sourcing and origin

Princes used Provenance’s ‘Transparency Readiness Assessments’ to map the data available through their supply chain. Using the platform they then created a Product Passport, a digital experience showing the full journey and impact of the tuna from sea to shelf. This contains dynamic data that is surfaced through an integration to their SAP enterprise resource planning system (ERP). Shoppers can access this content across multiple channels in the Netherlands – from a QR-code on pack and via a new Princes ‘Transparency Hub’.

The Result

A scalable way to change brand perception across a product range

Princes are now able to roll out Product Passports across more of their seafood products in the group. Provenance has given them a scalable way to create experiences for shoppers and retail partners that show the impact and processes behind their products. The brand acknowledges areas where further data and improvements can be made – a testament to Princes commitment to their transparency journey, one of progress over perfection.

The Benefits
  • Building brand value

    Positioning themselves as a transparent brand and proving the claims they’re making at each step in the supply chain is helping build brand trust.

  • Digital engagement

    By creating an innovative experience, they’re inviting customers to to forge a digital relationship with the brand from the pack.

  • Group-wide scalability

    Leveraging software means they can integrate data across supply chains and expand transparency experiences into new categories quickly.

  • Our new partnership with Provenance is now allowing us to tell this story clearly and conveniently via their sharing tools, and will help us to build shopper trust through greater supply chain and impact transparency.

    Menno Bax
    Marketing Director, Princes

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