Provenance & Cult Beauty win Marie Claire Sustainability Award

Provenance & Cult Beauty win Marie Claire Sustainability Award
Find out why Cult Beauty's Provenance-powered edit won first place in the 'Best Use of Tech for Good' category in 2021.

In July, Provenance's partnership with Cult Beauty was awarded first place in the 'Best Use of Tech for Good' category at the inaugural Marie Claire Sustainability Awards.

Here's what the Marie Claire judges had to say about our transparency-focused partnership:

One of the most trusted beauty retailers in the biz, Cult Beauty has always insisted on transparency from the brands it carries, and was the first retailer to require a full ingredients list and independently written descriptions for each product on its site when launching in 2008.

The retailer took things a step further last year when its partnered with blockchain transparency platform,, to launch Cult Conscious. Using blockchain technology to digitally verify the deluge of product information that pervades the beauty industry, Cult Conscious provides people with third-party proof to substantiate brands’ claims about sourcing, efficacy and sustainably. (Essentially, it’s an easy-to-use fact checker that allows you to do due diligence around the brands in your basket.)

Chosen by the judges for its radical transparency, Sara Vaughan, MC‘s Global Chief Purpose & Sustainability Advisor calls the platform, “So very powerful and so helpful to consumers wanting to make sustainable and ethical choices.”

To view all the 2021 winners in a roundup article for the Marie Claire Sustainability Awards, click here.

To learn more about Provenance's partnership with Cult Beauty, click here.

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