Discover how 110+ brands drove 41% higher add-to-cart rates on Cult Beauty with Provenance

The beauty retailer has boosted add-to-cart rates and post-purchase sentiment with embedded sustainability badges and impact-focused search filters.

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Cult Beauty
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+41% higher add-to-cart rate

5% increase in post-purchase shopper sentiment

3x higher purchase rate for shoppers viewing Proof Points on a product page

The Problem

Responding to shoppers' demands for transparency

When 23,000 Cult Beauty shoppers shared in a survey that transparency was a priority when shopping for beauty online, the Cult Beauty team knew they had to keep innovating to maintain the brand's status as a trusted e-commerce retailer. Cult Beauty is one of the UK's fastest-growing online beauty businesses, selling more than 300 brands and operating internationally. But protecting long term value relied on clearly communicating social and environmental impact information to shoppers. By doing so, Cult Beauty also aimed to grow the market for truly sustainable brands and help establish benchmarks for new brands joining the retailer.

The Solution

Boosting add-to-cart and shopper sentiment with Proof Points

Cult Beauty is using Provenance to surface proof-backed sustainability badges (or ‘Proof Points’) where they matter most: on product pages. These same Proof Points are also enabling Cult Beauty to power credible impact-based search filters, and to curate their second-best-selling edit (the Cult Conscious beauty box).

By connecting participating brands with conscious shoppers and improving their product page conversion, Cult Beauty is not only empowering their customers to shop their values, but powerfully rewarding brands for their transparency and sustainability commitments.

Cult Beauty
Cult Beauty
Cult Beauty

The results

41% higher add-to-cart rates

Cult Beauty recorded an average of 41% higher add-to-cart rates amongst 110+ brands with Provenance Proof Points.

5% higher shopper sentiment

By providing education and evidence behind sustainability claims with Provenance, Cult Beauty drove an improvement in post-purchase shopper sentiment.

3x higher purchase rate

Cult Beauty recorded a 3x higher purchase rate amongst customers that clicked into a Proof Point on a product page.

“We are always looking for ways to empower our customers by providing the information they need. Provenance provides next-generation proof-point transparency, allowing consumers to do their due diligence around brand claims.”

Alexia Inge
Former Co-founder & Co-CEO, Cult Beauty

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