Cult Beauty is boosting conversion and brand perception

The beauty retailer is increasing add-to-cart rates and post-purchase sentiment by sharing credible social and environmental impact content at the point-of-sale.

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Cult Beauty
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+27% add-to-basket rate

70% higher growth in sales volume for participating brands

5% increase in post-purchase shopper sentiment

1m+ Proof Point impressions per month

The Problem

Meeting shopper demand for transparency across multiple brands and channels

When 23,000 Cult Beauty shoppers shared that transparency was a priority when shopping for beauty online, the Cult Beauty team knew they had to keep innovating to maintain the brand's status as a trusted e-commerce retailer. Cult Beauty is one of the UK's fastest-growing online beauty businesses, selling more than 300 brands and operating internationally. But protecting long term value relied on clearly communicating social and environmental impact information to shoppers. By doing so, Cult Beauty also aimed to grow the market for truly sustainable brands and help establish benchmarks for new brands joining the retailer.

The Solution

Communicating impact at point-of-sale and generating credible marketing content

Cult Beauty is using Provenance to communicate social and environmental impact efficiently across 90+ brands. By embedding interactive ‘Proof Point’ claims on its e-commerce site, the retailer is providing customers with consistent, credible information about impact at the point of sale.

Provenance has also enabled Cult Beauty to develop a credible and high-performance sustainable edit, ‘Cult Conscious’, which has generated 1.7x higher sales volumes for participating brands. The retailer has also used Proof Point content to develop impact-focused marketing materials, enabling them to improve brand perception and generate engagement via social media and email channels.

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The results

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Increased shopper conversion

Cult Beauty recorded a 27% increase in add-to-cart among shoppers who clicked on a Proof Point. Post-purchase shopper sentiment towards participating brands also grew by 5%.

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Credible, engaging marketing content

Drawing on Proof Point content, Cult Beauty has generated traction via social and email with credible marketing materials, driving a 70% increase in volume of sales for participating brands.

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Time saved

Provenance’s tech-first approach has given Cult Beauty a time-efficient way to deliver standardised impact claims across 1,500+ products and 80+ brands.

“We are always looking for ways to empower our customers by providing the information they need. Provenance provides next-generation proof-point transparency, allowing consumers to do their due diligence around brand claims.”

Alexia Inge
Co-founder & Co-CEO, Cult Beauty

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