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Leading the beauty industry with groundbreaking transparency in retail

Cult Beauty is using Provenance to deliver proven information around the social and environmental impact of products at the point-of-sale, set an industry standard and reposition their brand.


In an industry saturated with misinformation and murky claims, Cult Beauty are trailblazing the next generation of beauty: transparency with integrity on all products. As one of the UK's fastest-growing online beauty businesses, selling more than 300 brands and operating internationally, they’re using Provenance to support a curated ‘conscious edit’ as well as empower shoppers, brands and their own team with proven data and insights.

Working with


Becoming the most trusted online retailer in beauty

When 23,000 Cult Beauty shoppers shared that transparency was a priority when shopping for beauty online, the Cult Beauty team knew that they had to keep innovating to maintain their status as a trusted e-commerce retailer.

Working with Cult Beauty founder, Alexis Inge, and Chairwoman, Bettina Wonsag, we set out on the ambitious mission of surfacing social, efficacy and environmental impact information in the beauty industry. Enabling a new way to grow the market for truly sustainable brands – whilst determining the benchmarks for new brands joining Cult Beauty.


A software platform to standardise, simplify and publish impact information across multiple brands

Provenance allows Cult Beauty to collate supply chain and impact data, and supporting evidence - from brands on a single platform. Enabling this information to be automatically published on the brand and product webpages as Proof Points. Shoppers can browse by Proof Point and click to see the credible impact information.


Increasing brand sentiment and shopper engagement through 800+ transparent products across 50+ brands

Working closely with Provenance has energised the team at Cult Beauty to rethink their approach to innovation. They now consider whether new brands and products are ‘Provenance-worthy’.

This technology-first approach has enabled Cult Beauty to communicate impact to their shoppers openly, consistently and credibly across their e-commerce. Most importantly, they are leading the beauty industry with radical transparency, empowering shoppers with the information they need to make better choices.

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The benefits
  • Shopper engagement

    25% increase in social media engagement. Communicating transparency with shoppers generated more engagement compared to average engagement rates.

  • Loyalty

    Increased brand sentiment through transparency and honesty. Across the brands on Cult Beauty, shopper sentiment towards participating brands moved from ‘like’ to ‘LOVE’ by 5% after Provenance was activated.

  • Insights

    Understand what matters to shoppers. Analytics provide Cult Beauty and the brands with data every month that shows what issues shoppers engage with to inform impact areas to focus on.

  • We are always looking for ways to empower our customers by providing the information they need. Provenance provides next-generation proof-point transparency, allowing consumers to do their due diligence around brand claims.

    Alexia Inge
    Co-founder & Co-CEO, Cult Beauty

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