Anchor is building customer trust with honest impact claims

With Provenance, Anchor is engaging customers with their sustainability initiatives in a credible off-pack experience.


Anchor (Fonterra)


Auckland, NZ




Proof Points Mockup
The Problem

Low customer awareness of Anchor's sustainability initiatives

As a leading dairy brand, Anchor is aware of the environmental challenges dairy represents and it’s working hard to reduce carbon emissions and wider supply chain impact at scale. Anchor is also aware of the risk of greenwashing and the need to communicate this progress in a credible way. In order to provide assurance for customers, Anchor wanted to share proof of its sustainability initiatives, including a new bio bottle made from sustainably-grown sugarcane.

The Solution

Sharing progress with shoppers in a trustworthy off-pack story

With Provenance, Anchor is communicating its environmental progress with an off-pack Product Story, accessible to shoppers across New Zealand via a QR code. All of Anchor’s sustainability claims – from recyclability to carbon measurement – are connected to proof from their supply chain, allowing customers to explore the evidence. Provenance’s Proof Points and Product Story format are also helping Anchor communicate clearly on sustainability issues that can be confusing for shoppers.

The results

Customer engagement

Anchor is no longer constrained to isolated marketing campaigns. The new off-pack experience is helping the brand connect with a large audience through an everyday touchpoint.

Credible claims

By connecting claims to evidence from their supply chain, Anchor is bringing integrity to communications across channels, including its own above the line campaigns.

Brand positioning

Putting sustainability efforts at the core of marketing communications is helping Anchor establish its purpose, drive long-term trust and raise the profile of New Zealand milk.

“Anchor is proud to be a brand you can trust and it’s important to us that we’re open and honest about what we’re doing through our sustainability initiatives. Using Provenance has meant that we can verify and share our sustainability claims and journey with our consumers in an open and transparent way.”

Lee-Ann Birch

Global Marketing Manager, Anchor/Everyday Nutrition, Fonterra

Turn positive social and environmental impact into brand value

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