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The UK-based social enterprise is translating brand purpose into evidence-backed claims that shoppers can easily understand




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8 Proof Points live across 24 Products

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The Problem

Making BELU’s brand purpose tangible and visible

As a social enterprise, BELU seeks to put people and the environment first – an approach which includes measuring its carbon emissions, investing in biodiversity and giving 100% of net profits to the charity WaterAid. But whilst BELU’s sustainability credentials are often the USP for B2B customers, these initiatives were going unnoticed in their website FAQs and annual impact report. 

What’s more, BELU faced a challenge in translating its high-level brand purpose (and alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals) into tangible facts and claims that customers could easily understand and trust.

The Solution

Promoting and enhancing a USP with clickable sustainability claims

BELU published clickable sustainability claims on its Homepage and Product Page, giving customers an easy overview of their impact initiatives, and allowing them to click through to see more information and proof. These ‘Proof Points’ apply at both a brand level (e.g. Social Enterprise UK, Donates to Charity) and at a product level (e.g. Partly Recyclable Packaging). 

Where they once articulated their brand purpose at a more abstract level, they are now communicating their impact in a way that their customers can easily pin down. BELU’s Proof Points also provide a useful asset in pitches to hospitality stockists, many of whom are increasingly focused on sustainable sourcing.

The results

Stronger B2B pitches

By underpinning their sustainability initiatives with tangible, evidenced claims, BELU are improving their pitch meetings with stockists.

Quicker customer comprehension

Proof Points enable BELU to put their positive impact front and centre in a way that shoppers can make sense of at a glance.

Improved brand trust

In a climate of greenwashing, Proof Points are enabling BELU to hold themselves accountable in a transparent way, improving brand trust and perception.

“We have an extensive impact report, but for people that are short on time, Proof Points are a quick, tangible tool and show our sustainability claims have been verified.”

Georgie Murray

Brand & Impact Partnerships Lead

Turn positive social and environmental impact into brand value

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