See how Beauty Heroes is boosting conversion by 20% with greenwash-free claims

The US-based retailer is automating sustainability claims to drive customer engagement and conversion


Beauty Heroes


California, USA


Beauty & Wellness


+20% purchase conversion rate

+16% dwell time

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The Problem

Delivering a greenwash-free customer journey at scale

As the pioneer of the Blue Beauty movement, Beauty Heroes understands the importance of transparent sustainability. In the age of greenwashing, the US beauty retailer, known for their high standards, wanted to make sure every claim on its website was accurate and easily verifiable – providing a level of transparency that they feel their customers deserve and that regulators are mandating.

Beauty Heroes also had an operational problem to solve. Managing numerous ad-hoc updates to brand-wide and product sustainability claims – across hundreds of products and brands – was demanding increasing levels of team resources.

The Solution

Automating sustainability claims to drive customer engagement and conversion  

By integrating Provenance on the Beauty Heroes website, they instantly leverage sustainability initiatives to improve engagement and conversion throughout the customer journey. Products with Proof Points are seeing 16% higher product page dwell time and a 20% higher conversion rate. Publishing transparent sustainability claims is also helping to establish Beauty Heroes’ reputation as the trusted source of healthy, ethical beauty.

By automating the maintenance and publication of 700+ sustainability claims across 200+ products, the retailer is freeing up valuable team time for other priorities. What’s more, since every published claim is verified or evidenced in line with the Provenance Framework, Beauty Heroes is reducing the risk of greenwashing accusations and regulatory penalties.

The results

20% higher purchase conversion rate

Products with Provenance’s clickable sustainability claims saw a 20% higher conversion rate and a 16% higher dwell time

Reduced risk of greenwashing

By ensuring every claim is evidenced or verified, Beauty Heroes is reducing the risk of greenwash-related reputational damage or litigation

Hours of time and effort saved

By outsourcing the validation and publication of brands’ sustainability data, the Beauty Heroes team are enjoying valuable time-savings

“Our brands with Proof Points are seeing 20% higher conversion, which shows the value transparency has to consumers."

Jeannie Jarnot

Founder & CEO, Beauty Heroes

Turn positive social and environmental impact into brand value

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