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Innersense is improving brand perception and shopper conversion on Beauty Heroes, Cult Beauty, Naturisimo and A Little Find.






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One of 110+ brands driving a 5% improvement in post-purchase shopper sentiment on Cult Beauty with Provenance

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The Problem

Meeting shopper demand for proof of positive impact

With Instagram and TikTok feeds awash with brand sustainability campaigns (some more legitimate than others) it can be difficult for ‘born-good’ brands like Innersense to differentiate and become known as a company doing the right thing.

Innersense recognised that its own customers aren’t just looking for brands that say they align with their values – they will go the extra mile to validate those brand claims. Innersense lacked a way to easily surface third-party validated claims that would reassure their shoppers and communicate the range of their people and planet focused initiatives.

The Solution

Using sustainability as a differentiator on retailer channels

Innersense is differentiating its products with product page sustainability badges (‘Proof Points’) across four retailers: Beauty Heroes, Cult Beauty, Naturisimo and A Little Find.

Provenance’s embedded Proof Points enable Innersense to communicate the full breadth of their positive impact, all whilst keeping shoppers in the ecommerce journey. Their Proof Points include B Corp, Climate Neutral, Family Owned Business and Widely Recyclable Packaging. By providing third-party validation through Proof Points, Innersense is reassuring shoppers that every claim is true.

The results

Deeper shopper education

By educating shoppers with easily-accessible information about their impact, Innersense are empowering their customers to shop their values.

Improved brand perception

Proof Points are helping amplify Innersense’s reputation as an industry-leader on social and environmental impact.

Improved perception on retailer channels

Brands with Provenance Proof Points on Cult Beauty saw, on average, a 5% improvement in post-purchase shopper sentiment.

“Provenance brings a lot of authority to our sustainability claims. Today’s consumers don’t just take brand claims with a grain of salt – they immediately go to validate claims. And if you can't substantiate that claim, you risk a lot of push-back.”

Greg Starkman

Founder & CEO – Innersense Organic Beauty

Turn positive social and environmental impact into brand value

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