Caudalie is differentiating with always-on sustainability touch points

The French beauty brand is communicating the full breadth of its initiatives with at-a-glance claims for online shoppers




Bordeaux, France




Proof Points live on 49 products

Published on Cult Beauty and Naturisimo

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The Problem

Getting recognition for social and environmental initiatives

Since its origin in 1995, sustainability has been central to Caudalie’s ethos. Today, with a range of claims from Family-Owned to 1% For The Planet, they need to shout about their positive impact, but find that sustainability initiatives often get lost in translation.

In a competitive market, it’s difficult for Caudalie to get the airtime that they deserve, as they compete for recognition with other brands, many of whom are less impact-driven. Annual sustainability awareness campaigns help, but they are occasional, and driving awareness by securing media coverage can be a lottery.

The Solution

Always-on sustainability touch points for shoppers

With scannable Proof Points on their product pages on Cult Beauty and Naturisimo, Caudalie are now able to quickly communicate the full breadth of their positive impact to shoppers, without taking them out of the ecommerce journey.

Unlike ad hoc sustainability campaign moments or PR editorials, these Proof Points are always-on, driving awareness of their social and environmental impact throughout the year. Those shoppers that want to dig deeper also have easy access to in-depth, fact-checked information about Caudalie’s sustainability initiatives.

The results

Increased brand awareness

Through always-on Proof Points and appearances in retailers’ sustainable filters and edits, Caudalie is driving awareness amongst conscious shoppers.

Improved shopper education

Proof Points enable shoppers to understand everything Caudalie is doing at a glance as well as to dig deeper into initiatives.

Impact-based differentiation

Proof Points are helping establish Caudalie’s sustainable brand identity, as well as highlighting those brands that aren’t doing the right thing.

“We can write about these initiatives in product copy, but does the customer read it? Sometimes it just gets lost in translation. Provenance helps us to really communicate everything we’re doing to our retailer customers.”

Alice Langston

Marketing Manager, UK & Ireland

Turn positive social and environmental impact into brand value

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