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Leading the sector by opening up on supply chain impact

Napolina has been tackling illegal labour in their Italian tomato supply chain for many years. With increased media attention, they are now using Provenance to communicate on their progress and take the lead in their category.


Princes Group is one of Europe’s largest food and drink groups, supplying grocers with branded and private label canned goods that reach millions of shoppers. They have partnered with Provenance as a part of a strategic transformation towards becoming a more purpose-driven and transparent business. Their brand Napolina is now opening up on issues that could impact the entire industry. This is helping them connect with shoppers and protect their long term brand value.

Working with

The Challenge

Responding to industry and media pressure on illegal labour

Illegal labour and its impact on migrants has been an issue in Italian agriculture for many years. Princes has been proactively addressing issues of exploitation, illegal working conditions and slavery. With increased media and shopper attention on tomato supply chains, they wanted to open up the origin, journey and impact behind their Napolina tomatoes to provide assurance.

The Solution

A platform to deliver a digital transparency experience off-can

The Provenance team guided Napolina through our Transparency Program to gather and structure data from their tomato supply chain. They used the Provenance platform to turn this data into a Product Passport - a digital experience that shows the story, key areas of impact and journey of their tomatoes. All of this is backed up by evidence and third-party verifications.

This is now accessible via a QR code on more than 3 million cans of tomatoes and further supported by Proof Points embedded within a new Responsible Sourcing webpage.

The Results

Leading the category on a key issue

Working closely with the team at Provenance, Princes and their Napolina brand are now approaching transparency with a clear strategy. Their claims are aligned to data from their tomato supply chain using a framework for transparency.

The Napolina brand team is now creating marketing content that is supported with evidence and consistent across their digital channels. This closer connection with their retail customers and shoppers is supporting Princes to achieve their goal of becoming the most trusted FMCG supplier in Europe.

The next focus of the Princes transparency partnership will be its seafood products with on-pack traceability.

The Benefits
  • Increased brand value

    Proving purpose and communicating the brand values openly ensures Napolina connects directly with what their customers care about.

  • Assurance to reduce risk

    Working with verifiers and taking a data-backed approach to transparency enables Napolina to offer groundbreaking assurance.

  • Repeatable, scalable program

    Working closely with the team at Provenance has given Napolina the confidence and structure to develop and define a transparency strategy that will now be extended to other product areas in Princes.

  • Our new partnership with Provenance is now allowing us to tell this story clearly and conveniently via their sharing tools, and will help us to build shopper trust through greater supply chain and impact transparency.

    David McDiarmid
    Corporate Relations Director, Princes
  • By providing on-pack QR codes, we are engaging shoppers with a mobile-friendly experience that is supported by data from our supply chain and the Provenance platform. Our consumers can now clearly see how these products are made, where they come from and who was involved.

    Neil Brownbill
    Italian Products Commercial Director, Princes

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