Napolina is protecting long-term brand value with proof-backed communications

With Provenance, Napolina is sharing proof of its progress on tackling illegal labour with shoppers and industry stakeholders.


Napolina (Princes)


Liverpool, UK




Activated on 30 million products

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The Problem

Countrywide illegal labour issues threatened brand value

Although Princes had worked for many years to tackle illegal labour in Italian agriculture, it hadn’t communicated this progress publicly. However, ethical sourcing is a key priority for Princes’ retail customers, and increased media attention on national tomato supply chains posed a growing threat to Napolina's brand value. To differentiate from bad actors in the industry and future-proof its reputation, Napolina needed to share credible proof of impact.

The Solution

Assuring customers and the media with proof-backed communications

With Provenance, Napolina turned its supply chain data into a shopper-facing digital experience showing the sourcing and impact of its tomatoes. This experience was made accessible via a QR code on more than 3 million cans of tomatoes and via integrated Proof Points on Napolina’s corporate Responsible Sourcing webpage. To protect Napolina and its customers from greenwashing, every claim was connected to evidence or third-party verification.

The results

Increased industry trust

By supporting sourcing and impact claims with accessible, credible proof, Napolina is growing trust amongst retail customers and shoppers, and protecting long-term brand value.

Confident marketing communications

Napolina’s sourcing and impact claims are connected to data from its tomato supply chain, giving the marketing team confidence to communicate across channels.

A scalable solution

Having proven Provenance’s software solution for Napolina’s sustainability communications, Princes Group is now looking to roll out on-pack traceability for its seafood products.

"Our new partnership with Provenance is now allowing us to tell our story clearly and conveniently via their sharing tools, and will help us to build shopper trust through greater supply chain and impact transparency."

David McDiarmid

Corporate Relations Director, Princes (Napolina)

Turn positive social and environmental impact into brand value

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