The Nue Co is building brand trust with bitesize sustainability badges

The New York founded supplements brand is highlighting its positive impact with shopper-friendly claims


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7 Proof Points live across 50 Products

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The Problem

Meeting growing expectations for transparency and verification

The Nue Co is a supplements brand that launched in 2017 with a focus on the parallel between our health as a global community and the health of the planet. This ethos meant that sustainable sourcing was part of the brand’s approach from the beginning.

But as shoppers and regulators’ expectations around transparency grew, The Nue Co wanted to bolster its ‘green’ claims with independent verification, to enable confident sustainability messaging. As VP of Product & Sustainability, Flo Glendenning puts it, “In the same way that people don't expect brands to work with virgin plastic anymore, transparency is becoming a commercial requirement.”

The Solution

Adding validity with bitesize, verified sustainability claims

The Nue Co has added a layer of trust to its claims by embedding clickable badges to its product pages. Provenance’s convenient create-once, publish-everywhere solution means customers are seeing the same claims on Nue Co products across Cult Beauty, Naturisimo and the brand’s own website. Each badge is backed up by third-party verification or evidence, which is giving The Nue Co far greater confidence in what it can say about its social and environmental impact.

Where previously customers had to read carefully through product description copy, the brand is now serving digestible information in a bitesize format which shoppers can click on to learn more. From ‘Reusable Packaging’ to ‘Female Founded Business’, The Nue Co’s Proof Points build trust by providing snapshots of information backed by visible evidence.

The results

Customers love the simplicity

The Nue Co’s customers have praised the simplicity of the badges, and love the reassurance that each claim is supported by evidence or third-party verification.

Easier claims management

Provenance’s self-serve platform means that as the brand runs further tests and studies on their impact, they can easily update claims across multiple products and channels.

Improved perception on retailer channels

On average, brands that had published Provenance Proof Points on Cult Beauty saw a 5% improvement in post-purchase shopper sentiment

"The independent verification gives us the confidence to shout about both our environmental and product claims from the rooftops."

Flo Glendenning

VP of Product & Sustainability

Turn positive social and environmental impact into brand value

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