See how Evolve is securing consumer trust with Proof Points

The natural and organic beauty brand is using consistent transparent claims to bridge certification gaps and establish trust with their customers.


Evolve Organic Beauty


Hertfordshire, UK


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6 Proof Points live across 40 products

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The Problem

Navigating customer confusion in a sea of greenwashing

From its inception in 2009, Evolve Organic Beauty has been committed to the well-being of both the planet and its people. This ethos, driven by founder Laura Rudoe, has propelled the brand as a pioneer in advocating for natural and organic skincare, which is highly valued by over 60% of their customer base. Evolve's ultimate goal extends beyond mere sustainability, aiming for the more ambitious concept of regenerative beauty.

Despite their dedication and accomplishments, Evolve encountered a challenge that resonates with many eco-conscious brands - customers lacked clarity about Evolve’s sustainability credentials and were also left sceptical by the greenwashing prevalent in the industry. Evolve needed a way to elevate its genuine commitment to sustainability above the misleading marketing strategies of other players in the market.

The Solution

Bridging certification gaps with Provenance

After originally adding Proof Points to their product pages on multi-brand retailer Naturisimo, Evolve decided to bring the same consistent transparent claims via their own DTC website. This move allows them to effectively communicate not only their certified sustainability efforts like Vegan and Cruelty-Free, but to showcase measures without certifications such as Carbon Offsetting.

Seamlessly integrated into product information, Provenance’s Proof Points are adding a new layer of transparency and boosting customer trust. Providing validated information about product origins, sourcing, and positive environmental impact, these interactive badges are enhancing Evolve’s product listings on retailer partner sites, as well as securing them a place in exclusive edits.

The results

Improved customer trust

Strategic placement on product pages enables Evolve to transparently communicate their sustainability efforts in a consumer-friendly manner.

Maximised retail channel value

Utilising distinctive Proof Points to stand out, maintain consistency and feature in exclusive edits outside of limited space on retailer partner sites.

Enhanced customer understanding

Provenance’s Framework simplifies communication of Evolve's impactful work, clarifying complex certifications and increasing customer understanding.

“People and planet have always been built into our DNA. Provenance has enabled us to elevate our transparency and sustainability efforts by communicating our sustainability efforts beyond certifications. Our partnership is not only enhancing our presence on retailer partner websites, but securing valued trust with our customers.”

Laura Rudoe

Founder & CEO

Turn positive social and environmental impact into brand value

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