Pai Skincare is driving brand trust with consistent sustainability claims across retail channels

The beauty brand is driving marketing value from sustainability certifications at the point of sale, by publishing Proof Points across multiple retail platforms.


Pai Skincare






300 Proof Points published

Live on 55 products

Live across 4 e-commerce channels

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The Problem

Improving clarity and engagement around Pai’s positive impact

Sustainability certifications have always been part of Pai Skincare’s approach, but they struggled to bring their values to life in an engaging and accessible way for their customers. Another key issue was consistency: the claims and certifications shared on their DTC site were communicated differently on retailer sites, leaving them unable to drive maximum marketing value from their products’ positive impact.

The Solution

Clear, consistent, clickable sustainability claims across retail platforms

Pai added interactive Proof Points to brand and product pages on retailer sites including Cult Beauty, Naturisimo and Beauty Heroes. By doing so, they are driving shopper engagement with their brand values at the point of sale, as well as ensuring consistent, evidenced claims across multiple channels. Since publishing Proof Points across their retailers, Pai Skincare have also published Proof Points to their own DTC site and are benefitting from engagement data about which social and environmental values their shoppers care about most.

Video: Pai's founder explains how Provenance helps reassure shoppers

The results

Improved brand trust

By educating shoppers more effectively on its sustainability initiatives, Pai is improving perception and loyalty amongst values-led shoppers.

Consistent claims

Communicating values with Proof Point content ensures customers are receiving the same certification and claim verification across retail partners.

Time saved

Provenance’s ‘create once, publish everywhere’ functionality is enabling Pai to more easily manage 300 claims across 55 products and 4 retail channels.

“Pai’s customers are seeing the same, consistent Proof Points across all of our retail partners – for a consumer right now, that’s hugely reassuring.”

Sarah Brown

Founder, Pai Skincare

Turn positive social and environmental impact into brand value

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