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6 Proof Points live across 40 Products

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The Problem

Turning sustainable sourcing into a competitive edge

Ben Grace founded SBTRCT in 2019 to answer the question: what does a new skincare brand look today, when the mainstream consumer is making a lot more conscious choices? The brand set out to tackle three of the beauty industry’s most significant environmental challenges: plastic, water waste and over reliance on palm oil.

But if SBTRCT was to make bold claims about their impact, it needed to be able to back that up. And whilst the evidence was always available, there was no way to effectively share it with customers. As a brand that was serious about impact, SBTRCT needed to set itself apart from competitors that were using ambiguous phrases or creating their own ‘green’ icons without the evidence to back it up.

The Solution

Reassuring retailers and shoppers with clickable sustainability badges

SBTRCT is communicating its positive impact by embedding clickable sustainability badges (‘Proof Points’) in product pages on retailer channels and their own website. These badges, which range from Reducing Carbon Emissions to Fully Compostable Packaging, show SBTRCT’s environmental impact at a glance and allow customers to click-through to see the work being done behind each claim.

Partnering with Provenance is also aiding SBTRCT’s retailer sales strategy. Being able to easily demonstrate the credibility of their sustainability initiatives is increasing trust and leading to more positive relationships with buyers. What’s more, the partnership has put the brand on the radar of retailers in the Provenance network and led to promising buyer conversations.

The results

Improved retailer relationships

SBTRCT has been able to reassure retailer partners around sustainability, and establish relationships with additional Provenance-partner retailers.

Brand differentiation

On retailer and DTC channels, Proof Points are setting SBTRCT apart from other brands touting sustainability without the evidence.

Better customer education

Proof Points are empowering SBTRCT’s customers to instantly understand and trust the positive social and environmental impact of their products.

"Retailers are becoming wise to greenwashing brands. When we present them with SBTRCT’s founding principles and our Proof Points, it is clear we are an authentic planet-first brand that they should be stocking."

Ben Grace


Turn positive social and environmental impact into brand value

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