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Purpose Before Profit: How Belu is sharing their mission with Provenance

Published on
August 9, 2023
Alex Farley-Wood

We are excited to announce two new Proof Points designed to recognise companies that go above and beyond in giving back to social and environmental causes. While our longstanding Proof Point, Donates to Charity, applauds businesses making monetary or in-kind donations to nonprofits, we wanted to capture and celebrate those driving change in even more impactful ways.

Championing a Cause

The first, Championing a Cause, honours brands that actively advance a cause related to their industry. These brands play a hands-on role in delivering positive impact beyond mere monetary donations. Examples include running charitable foundations or operating scholarship programmes for underprivileged students. By proving a long-term commitment to their chosen cause, these brands demonstrate a direct involvement in making a difference.

Purpose Before Profit

Our second recent Proof Point, Purpose Before Profit, sets a high standard for businesses that prioritise their mission over financial gains. To qualify for this Proof Point, they must donate 100% of net profits to an environmental or social cause. Moreover, these brands must have legally binding governance measures in place to ensure their purpose remains at the forefront of their business decisions.

Belu - A Leading Example

One organisation raising the bar is Belu, a social enterprise who truly puts Purpose Before Profit. Since 2011, Belu has committed to directing all of its net profit to WaterAid, a partnership that aims to bring clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene to everyone, everywhere. To date, they’ve sent over £5.5m, transforming over 366,808 lives around the world.

Belu chose WaterAid because the renowned charity is dedicated to transforming millions of lives through access to clean water and sanitation, working closely with local communities and governments in 27 countries globally. The revenue Belu contributes to WaterAid covers important costs including machines, filters, engineers, bottles, financing, and overheads. 

On the partnership, Georgie Murray, Belu’s Brand & Partnerships Lead says: 

“We’re big fans of Provenance and very pleased to be the first organisation to have an evidenced Purpose Before Profit Proof Point on our website. Our purpose is at the heart of everything we do and we’re on an unshakeable mission to change the way the world sees water.
Tools like Proof Points help our customers feel confident in their purchases of our products and supporting our brand. We’ve championed having a Purpose P&L (Profit & Loss) model for a few years now so it only seems right that we’d add this Proof Point to our credentials. 
We will continue to be fully transparent, sharing how our business runs and what we do to make a difference in the world because we believe in the power of using business for good. Provenance helps validate our claims and ensure trust in Belu, which is essential for our growth and long term commitment to a more sustainable future”

Provenance is proud to be supporting Belu’s mission and sharing the details behind their positive impact through Proof Points. Alongside the newest addition, Belu is Carbon Measured, Supports Biodiversity by investing £10,000 in water resilience programmes, and their Partly Recycled Packaging has so far turned over 108.7 million bottles into new bottles.  Discover more of their work on the Directory, and how they’re using clickable sustainability claims to gain a competitive edge in our case study.

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Alex Farley-Wood

Marketing Executive

The Provenance Team

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