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Purpose Before Profit

This organisation puts its purpose before profit by reinvesting 100% of net profits into its environmental or social mission. To ensure the mission is always considered in business decisions, there is a legally binding governance measure in place.

Sustainable Development Goals
Reduced inequalities
Proof Point Level
Product Business


  • 100% of net profits are distributed to an environmental or social cause
  • A governance mechanism is in place to ensure environmental or social impact is always prioritised in decision making such as:
    • The company’s Articles of Association include a legal commitment to creating positive social or environmental impact
    • Board representation and voting rights are given to a representative of the natural world or a social cause

Publication Requirements

  • Please provide evidence that 100% of net profits go towards an environmental or social cause and that this commitment is legally binding

Accepted Evidence

Evidence should strongly support the claim and will be made publicly available

A combination of the following documents may be used to evidence this claim:

  • Latest impact or sustainability report detailing the initiatives and how profits are redistributed
  • Program/project report detailing the initiatives and how profits are redistributed
  • Articles of Association or incorporation documents stating the legally binding commitment
  • Lawyer’s or Accountant’s letter confirming the criteria above is met
  • Relevant section(s) of annual accounts

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