Using Technology for Social Good

In line with the theme of Civic Design, our event at London Design Festival with This Happened explored how new information systems can have a positive impact on society through four expert speakers covering open data, sensor systems, blockchains and design for social change.

Speakers included HCI expert Mara Balestrini, Provenance founder Jessi Baker FabLab pioneer Tomas Diez of Smart Citizen, and Vinay Gupta part of a key Provenance collaborator Ethereum. The event concluded with a panel discussion between all four speakers, as well as a Q&A.

Mara Balestrini

Mara Balestrini introduces the panel and discusses her work with Ideas for Change.

“You choose the values that you design with. If you design with decentralised tools, and you design for openness, you’re likely to be designing for freedom.”

Jessi Baker

Provenance founder Jessi Baker discusses our work using blockchain technology and how we plan to use it for social and environmental good.

Tomas Diez

Smart Citizen founder Tomas Diez explores the importance of communities and group efforts in making global change.

Vinay Gupta

Vinay Gupta discusses Atheneum’s work with the blockchain and the world of modern computing.

Panel Discussion

“If these machines can make almost anything, it means they can make the things that make almost anything. At some point, we will get into FabLabs making FabLabs.” Tomas Diez

If you are interested in designing data systems for social good or interested to find out more about Provenance’s use of the blockchain, please let us know.