Chris Taggart of OpenCorporates on open product data

Photo Credit: Chris Taggart

A former magazine journalist, editor and publisher, Chris Taggart has created a variety of online solutions to make public data open in the UK. Beginning with OpenlyLocal, a platform for local data, and then OpenCharities, matching charities to spending data, he has become a force in the movement for transparency. In 2010, he and Rob McKinnon teamed up to create OpenCorporates, the largest openly licensed database of companies in the world. They work with governments and international bodies to promote the importance of open company data worldwide. Taggart also heads up the Open Election Data Project, assisting governments in achieving more transparency.

Speaking at Hub Westminster on opening the world of product information, Taggart discusses the current issues facing the open data movement: Most data is not available as open data, particularly abroad, it often requires fees for access, and provenance is difficult authenticate – including where the information has come from.

Browser with open corporates

Chris Taggart spoke at Opening Up Product Data, an event aimed at empowering consumers through open data. Watch the full talk here:

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