How web object technology is advancing the Internet of Things

Vlad Trifa is the co-founder and head of R&D/innovation at EVRYTHNG, a startup that makes products smart. He has a strong passion for making interactive physical objects that connect to the Web after studing engineering and researching at MIT, UCLA, SAP and EPFL and ETH Zurich.

EVRYTHNG is the Internet of Things Smart Products Platform that connects any consumer product to the Web, and manages real-time data to drive applications. The world’s leading consumer product manufacturers work with EVRYTHNG to manage billions of intelligent online identities in the cloud for their products, deliver real-time interactive experiences and support services to consumers, and connect with the ecosystem of other applications and products in their digital lives.

In their 2014 whitepaper – EVRYTHNG discuss the turning tide of The Internet of Things, citing advances in embedded technology combined with mobile Internet access availability.

“Intelligence that can now be built in to physical objects directly with embedded systems, or provided by proxy through tags and scanning devices – be they industrial or consumer mobile devices – makes it possible for physical objects to sense the world around them, analyze data in real-time, share data gathered and information derived and action their behavior based on information or instructions fed to them.”