Five canoes

Photo Credit: Salmon Falls Canoes

Canoes are old. Native Americans, fur traders, Aboriginals, and Amazonians were all early adopters. Canoes transformed lakes, streams and oceans into avenues of exploration and trade. Today, they are a great example of craft and a nice way to think about progress. We wanted to explore five different processes of canoe building…

The Dugout

Set in Siberia and narrated by Werner Herzog, this is 2 minutes of fun for any maker.

Cesar’s Bark Canoe

This wonderful film, made by the Canadian ONF in 1971, follows Cesar as he builds a birch bark canoe from scratch in northern Canada. Highlights include the expertly recorded sound of peeling fresh bark from a birch tree and watching Cesar pull apart green cedar wood with his hands.

Wood and Canvas

This video comes from Salmon falls canoe shop in Maine. They are probably doing the same thing live in their shop right now.

Cedar strip and Fiberglass

Beautiful Cedar strips are given strength and durability by fiberglass.


This 8 pound solo canoe is a great project. A lightweight frame is assembled around pegboard forms and held in place with zipties and Gorilla Glue. A heat shrunken skin of Dacron keeps out the water.