Provenance is pioneering a new movement along with many others around the world. A movement that demands more open, accurate and accessible knowledge about the things we make, grow, buy, own and sell.

Why we’ve launched the Provenance Integrity Council

Provenance is a platform that empowers brands to make the sourcing and impact behind their products transparent. We exist to enable citizens to access and trust in business sustainability efforts beyond today’s…

Social impact for brands – a #ProvenanceLive recap

Image credit: Sana Jardin employs their ‘Beyond Sustainability’ model

This week we held a special founder edition of our #ProvenanceLive series where we talked about building positive social impact into your business model. The current pandemic highlights the injustices around the…

Biodiversity & brands – a #ProvenanceLive recap

Aecom speaking with Avallen on

This Wednesday was World Earth Day, so we focused our digital meetup on the topic of biodiversity. It’s increasingly on the agenda of some of the world’s largest companies, but it’s also…