Join us in setting a new standard for trust in the coffee industry

Coffee consumption is constantly on the rise, making sustainability an imperative for both producers and consumers alike

This week, Provenance founder Jessi Baker and project manager Neliana Fuenmayor are at the Re:Co Specialty Coffee Symposium in Budapest to talk about the tools for managing risks in the coffee sector. The event aligns with our call for coffee brands and businesses to join Provenance, in bringing a new level of transparency and traceability to the coffee industry.

We need new solutions to track and improve the impact of coffee

In 2016, the world is said to have consumed over 155 million 60kg bags of coffee. That’s 9.3 metric tonnes for beans alone. With consumption consistently on the rise, how can we improve coffee’s impact on environment and society? How can we protect future supply?

At Provenance, we’re on a mission to help businesses share open, honest data about products, so that end customers can make informed purchases that match their values and preferences. In the past year, we’ve placed our focus on the food and drinks sector, where social and sustainability claims – both true and false – leave shoppers confused.

The coffee industry is no exception. When picking our brand of beans or choice of coffee shop, how can we know which coffee is what it claims to be? Is it really single origin? Was it really sustainably-sourced?

With reports of unsustainable practices and counterfeiting, how can we encourage better transparency in coffee trade and production?

A new level of transparency for the coffee sector

We’re a tech company with transparency at our core. We believe it’s good for businesses to be authentic, but we have research to prove why it’s profitable too. 73% of surveyed consumers would accept higher retail prices for the knowledge of consistency and quality in an ingredient. 72% of millennials are reportedly willing to pay more for products from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact.

So how can Provenance help coffee businesses capitalise on transparency? On our platform, you can gather data from your supply chain, link them to your products, and share them with customers in a format that is easy to understand. Whether you’re a coffee farmer, importer, exporter, roaster or retailer, you can use Provenance directly on your mobile phone to share data-backed information about your business and products.

Supply chain data is gathered via Provenance, stored on the blockchain, and accessed in a format that customers can understand.

Beyond traditional marketing models

How is this different from traditional marketing and communications? Provenance uses blockchain: the exciting new technology bringing a new layer of trust to the web.

Currently, there’s no foolproof way for customers to know whether a bag of beans is from a farm in Kenya or Colombia. With Provenance, every business in the supply chain receives a tamper-proof, blockchain-backed digital passport, indicating where the products have come from, and where they currently are. When proving that your single-origin coffee hasn’t been bulked up with other beans, blockchain also ensures that these claims have not been duplicated or diluted.

Let’s join forces!

We’re a technology startup but we’re everyday consumers of coffee too. We want to help good coffee businesses prove authenticity and protect future supply, by ensuring that we are all equipped with the knowledge to choose the products with a positive impact on the world.

Together with our new partner Falcon Coffees, we’re forming a coffee consortium, a new network of trust to create an open system for tracking the world’s coffee. It will be our collective mission to bring a new level of transparency and traceability to the industry fuelling our daily morning cup.

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