Provenance in collaboration with A Transparent Company are part of Fashion for Good

After a
successful project with fashion designer Martine Jarlgaard, tracking alpaca from farm to end garment, A Transparent Company – working with Provenance technology – was selected amongst nine other innovative companies to take part of the second edition of Fashion for Good in Amsterdam. This initiative is lead by Plug and Play and the C&A Foundation, with the vision to support and develop innovative solutions for the fashion industry to catalyse positive impact in the industry.

We showcased the first garment tracked with blockchain technology on 11 May 2017, as part of Solutions Lab at Copenhagen Fashion Summit. Image source: Copenhagen Fashion Summit

Provenance is successfully working with producers, brands and retailers in food and beverages supply chains. Businesses are using our software service powered by blockchain technology to bring traceability and transparency to food supply chains, from African tea to UK made bacon, using a method where all stakeholders can benefit from the accountability this new technology provides.

However, we see an increasing need for this innovation to be applied in the fashion industry, addressing slightly different opportunities:

Fashion for Good is a new initiative in partnership with Plug and Play and the C&A Foundation working with innovative fashion startups to accelerate positive impact in the fashion industry.

Fashion for Good is the global initiative that’s “here to make all fashion good.” If you are a pioneering fashion brand looking to stay relevant to the millennial customer, join the transparency movement with Provenance and A Transparent Company.

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