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Small businesses can now get started on Provenance for free to share what’s great about their business and supply chain with shoppers that want to know more.

I set up Provenance for a simple reason – I wanted to know more about the things I buy. We don’t get many chances to vote these days, but when companies are more powerful than governments, you can’t take for granted the votes you make every day with your wallet.

Provenance Founder and CEO, Jessi Baker

Jessi Baker, founder and CEO

Do you want to support small, independent brands? What about locally-run businesses? Would you rather not buy plastic? I’m sure some of you would love a way to know that we’re never supporting slavery. What about only supporting businesses doing their bit to stop climate change?

I’m an engineer, so I tackled this problem through technology. Provenance has been working for over 5 years with businesses to help them become more transparent and prove the things that matter most about their business, products and supply chain.  

Now, we are turning to you – our community of shoppers, to help us grow a movement for more trustworthy transparency. We want to help you discover great businesses and products. We want to help great businesses prove their impact and communicate their initiatives so you can support them every step of the way.

Provenance Shopper Meetup July 2018

A Provenance shopper community event last summer in London.

After a successful shopper event last summer, we are now taking steps to enable more shopper-facing transparency:


To be successful in helping you shop with the information you can trust we need your help:

Suggested tweets and social posts for inviting brands:


I demand transparency. Calling all brands to join me in verifying the impact and stories behind the things they make:

Demand transparency at

Demand transparency at
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I care about the impact the things I buy. [TAG BRAND], join me in the #TransparencyMovement by verifying the journey and impact of your products with @ProvenanceHQ:


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Together we can enable every purchase to have a positive impact on your health, the planet and communities near and far. Join us.

– Jessi