Juta Shoes increase online engagement 146% by proving fair payment to their workers

Source: Juta Shoes

“In London, one in five jobs are paid below the London Living Wage, and women and those from migrant and refugee backgrounds are more likely to be underwaged or unemployed.”

– Juta Shoes

Championing fair pay for marginalised migrants, London-based social enterprise, Juta Shoes, increased engagement online by sharing their approach and the proof behind how much they pay their workers.

Juta Shoes are empowering women through craft and commerce. They work closely with the local community to provide fair wages and teach skills to women who face barriers from migrant and refugee backgrounds. 

The profits made from each pair of shoes are invested back for the women involved, into skills training and opportunities for further employment. This is key to their mission.

However, being online-only, Juta Shoes needed to ensure that their fair payment of women was communicated in a trustworthy way at the right moment in the shoppers’ journey on the website.

How to prove fair payment

Using the Provenance platform, they documented the proof and their approach by creating a digital “Fair Payment” claim that shares how workers are paid a London Living Wage (LLW). The payment is verified by a wage invoice that is visible to the shopper – reinforcing Juta Shoes’ commitment to transparency.

This “Fair Payment” claim is embedded on the product page of their website and supports Juta Shoes to connect what they say with direct proof. Through this, shoppers can trust that the people who make the shoes are receiving a living wage, right at the point of purchase.

Juta Shoes Fair Payment claim

“It’s been fantastic to see how much engagement we’ve had through the Provenance claim on our website. Our audience is full of people who care about social and environmental impact, and who want to have conversations with us and other brands to hear about how they are protecting and supporting people and planet. Provenance provides us with a great way to do that.” 

– Joanna Hamer, co-founder Juta Shoes

Early figures show a 146% increase in online engagement on the product page, with 32% of shoppers engaging with the “Fair Payment” claim itself. They were also more likely to continue their journey elsewhere on the website than before, with exit rates down by 9%.

Source: Juta Shoes

These results demonstrate the interest in understanding how Juta Shoes approach fair payment. And as shoppers increasingly expect brands to prove what they say, Juta Shoes are well-placed to connect with their customers through continued transparency.

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About Provenance

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