Partnering with Farm-Trace to monitor sustainability and impact

Agtech transparency with FarmTrace and Provenance
Image credit: Farm-Trace

“66% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products but most organizations don’t know the farmers they source from, let alone their impact.” – Kahlil Baker, CEO and Founder, Farm-Trace

Shoppers want proof, so our platform demands it. But to get robust proof, we need partners who can be out in the field collecting data and information across supply chains.

Provenance is about transparency. To make better purchasing decisions you don’t just need information, you also need to know the integrity of that information and transparency around how and where it was created. 

As such, we’re always looking for partners who can bring us quality data. It’s a big, wide world out there – and there’s a lot to document and verify. 

That’s why we get very excited when we meet people like those at Farm-Trace. 

Not only do they bring the data, but they are also on the cutting-edge of innovations that solve real-world problems. 

For 10 years, their team have been behind Taking Root, an award-winning reforestation project developer. Their projects are growing over 5 million trees with over 1,000 smallholder farmers in Nicaragua, providing carbon offsets for organizations around the world.

In doing this, they have ended up developing a comprehensive technology to measure and prove environmental outcomes across the farms in their programme. This pursuit to create transparency resulted in Farm-Trace: an agtech software platform that collects and processes field data from farmers through satellite imagery, data analytics and machine learning. This platform is now helping food organisations shine a light on their sustainability initiatives, from no deforestation and even fair farmer payments, by revealing the origin of the commodities they purchase and their impacts.

Agtech transparency with FarmTrace and Provenance

Image credit: Farm-Trace


Producers, either a technician selected by a farm co-op or the smallholder farmers themselves, download the Farm-Trace app with a simple smartphone. To map their land, they walk around their farm and the app captures the farm’s GPS coordinates. The app works offline once downloaded, so remote areas can still be tracked. 

Over time, users upload farm observations via simple surveys. These monitoring and verification activities are made robust as the Farm-Trace software requests that farmers go to specific locations around their farm, with their observations time-stamped and geo-located. 

The information collected is then cross-checked with satellite imagery and interpreted using machine-learning algorithms to provide accurate, verified metrics across quality and sustainability impacts, including the farm location, elevation, carbon stored on the farm and forest cover. 

For producers, these metrics provide them with farm management analytics to make smart decisions about farm interventions, aiding productivity and creating reporting efficiencies. For buyers, this information is linked to what they are purchasing so they can have confidence about exactly where that item is being grown and its impact.


At Provenance, we’re all about getting this evidence into the hands of shoppers. Together with Farm-Trace, we’re leveraging this rich data to provide proof of origin and impact – and putting this in the journey of products so customers can see at the point-of-sale. 

Through their technology, we’re able to pull in data that will help:

  • Give transparency to shoppers with accurate, trustworthy information so we’ll all know more about the product we’re buying down to a farm and smallholder-level.
  • Increase farmer livelihoods and resilience by helping improve their productivity and adopt sustainable practices.
  • Improve sustainable land management by revealing previously inaccessible information so land can be managed for sustainable outcomes, including carbon sequestration, forest cover and water protection.
  • Sustainable decision-making for food companies to guarantee and improve their sustainability performance.


We’re currently working on a project with Farm-Trace and Provenance member, Bridgehead coffee. This is ground-breaking as it’s the first time that this type of data has been in the hands of the coffee drinkers (available soon across the Bridgehead cafés in Canada). 

Together, we’ve just launched a pilot in Honduras with COMSA, a leading farm co-operative who spearhead a program across Latin America around regenerative farming practices. 

It’s not only the first time a coffee brand has been able to bring such rich integrity and raw information to their customers, but it’s the first time that Farm-Trace’s innovation has been connected down through to the shopper. 

And getting that information – the provenance and true impact of what you’re buying – is the power we’re working to get into the hands of more people.



Provenance is a platform that empowers brands to take steps toward greater transparency. With our software, businesses can share information and stories about products and their supply chains, including verified data to support those statements powered by blockchain. By connecting this information to things – in store, on-pack and online – we can all discover the origin, journey and impact of our products to enable more positive, purposeful purchases.



FARM-TRACE is a SaaS platform helping food companies turn their sustainability performance into a competitive advantage. We guarantee the origin and sustainability of agricultural commodities so companies can unlock price premiums, improve sourcing decisions and enhance their brand. From zero deforestation to fair farmer payments, FARM-TRACE’s self-service platform allows anyone to tell the unique sustainability story behind the agricultural commodities they source with confidence. Up to 5 times cheaper than alternative reporting practices, companies using FARM-TRACE can spend less time worrying about arduous compliance processes and unverified sustainability claims and more time focused on improving and communicating their sustainability performance.

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