Provenance supporting traceability for the 2020 International Woolmark Prize finalists

The Woolmark Prize Finalists with Provenance
Image credit: The Woolmark Company

60,000 Australian wool farmers, 60 traceable Merino wool looks, 10 cutting-edge creative teams, 9 countries represented and 1 prize to help progress a better, more sustainable fashion industry.

We’re excited to announce our launch with The Woolmark Company as their official traceability partner, helping to bring more transparency to fashion supply chains, for the 2020 International Woolmark Prize. The not-for-profit organisation works to research, develop and certify Australian wool alongside the country’s woolgrowers – championing quality through traceability. 

“With the shift in brand and consumer priorities towards stories of provenance and ethical and sustainable supply chains, we wanted the 2020 International Woolmark Prize to focus on traceability and reinforce supply chain integrity. We’re excited to have Provenance on board as the official traceability partner of the Prize, with their sophisticated block chain technology and expertise in this area. Provenance will support our ten finalists to present six fully traceable Merino wool looks for their Autumn/Winter 2020 collection.” – Laura Armstrong, General Manager Marketing Communications

All of the brands are now being supported through The Woolmark Company’s Innovation Academy, “a fast-track mentoring and education program helping brands implement best practices to address environmental and social issues along with sustainable business growth.” 

Provenance, along with sustainable-sourcing fashion platform, Common Objective, will be helping the designers set up their digital supply chains, manage their impact and convey this information transparently to their customers. 

This year’s finalist designers are:

  • A-COLD-WALL*, United Kingdom
  • BLINDNESS, Korea
  • BODE, USA,
  • BOTTER, The Netherlands
  • Feng Chen Wang, United Kingdom/China
  • GmbH, Germany
  • Ludovic de Saint Sernin, France
  • Matthew Adams Dolan, USA
  • Namacheko, Sweden
  • Richard Malone, Ireland/United Kingdom

“This group is in a unique position as they are already incredibly-respected and engaging brands that have the attention – and the platform – to help elevate the conversation and the industry as a whole. Their leadership means their decisions are watched closely and mimicked. Being more transparent and traceable is very much something we want to see adopted in fashion if we are to hold business to account on its impact on people and planet.” – Jessi Baker, Provenance founder & CEO

Over the next few months, we’ll help bring traceability through transparency and use our platform to open up about the impact and processes behind the designs. We’ll work with the designers as a part of their innovation and sustainability program to translate their supply chains and brand values into a journey with proven information that their customers can access from the label at point-of-sale globally. 

We’ll also work with them and the wider group to navigate the changing landscape of impact and sustainability so that they can understand what’s going on in their supply chains and ensure they’re continuing to challenge the industry to be better.

See more about the programme and follow this incredibly-talented group.



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