Positive summer vibes with museum exhibits, sustainable cocktails and initiatives for a better world: transparency roundup

Image credit: Jacob Maentz, courtesy of Ananas Anam

The future of Fairtrade, what fashion brands need to do to cut carbon, getting a buzz for the bees and going ‘Bigger than the plate’ at a leading exhibition looking at our global food system. 

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‘Bigger than the plate’: We’re tracing coffee at the V&A’s major new exhibit

At the V&A using blockchain to confirm fair pay

“From gastronomic experiments to urban farming, this exhibition brings together the politics and pleasure of food to ask how the collective choices we make can lead to a more sustainable, just and delicious food future.” 

– V&A London, leading museum of art and design

This includes the radical innovations necessary to address the future of food, drawing on collaborations and new commissions from artists, designers, chefs, farmers, scientists and local communities.

Together with the V&A and their hospitality partners, we traced the coffee served at the museum’s café as a part of our mission around transparency, showcasing the journey and how blockchain can ensure it’s been verified.

Discover more about what we’re doing and see the full exhibit details.

5 ways your favourite fashion brands could reduce carbon emissions

Image credit: Jacob Maentz, courtesy of Ananas Anam

There’s a lot of damning headlines around fashion at the moment, so how can you actively participate in the change that the industry has coming its way? Vogue has set out some top tips for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint, so check and see if you’re buying from brands who take a stand on their environmental impact:

  • They’re improving their supply chain by offering up traceability.
  • They’ve gone carbon neutral and are showing you proof.
  • They’re adding in circularity practices, such as recycling.
  • They’ve supported new ideas by bringing in the “first generation to really understand climate change.” 

Demand that the brands you support rise to the climate crisis. Discover our carbon-transparency approach designed for honest businesses. 

The bee-saving cocktail spirit we’re buzzing about

The founders of Avallen came to us with an ambitious mission: 1) Put sustainability at the heart of every decision, 2) Be completely transparent, flying in the face of an industry that completely lacks transparency, i.e. alcohol doesn’t have to disclose ingredients, and 3)  Save the bees.

The highly-skilled, low-valued labour force (something we hear about too often working in global supply chains) of pollinators provides irreplaceable services to our agricultural systems. They support the production of 87 of the leading food crops worldwide (source: FAO), and, in the case of the honeybee specifically, they’re doing an estimated $11-$15 billion in work for American farmers every year (source: USDA).

See more about how Avallen’s Calvados is supporting these “winged warriors” through transparent proof on the blockchain.

Not all food is created equal. Who should set the standards?

Image credit: The Guardian

It’s hot out. The weather is prime for prawns on the BBQ and summer salads. But slaves are catching your seafood and the mafia’s dealing your tomatoes. Our food supply chains are full of social injustice that must be stopped.

Pioneers like Fairtrade have not only pushed for reform, but have forever changed the way so many of us shop (for the better). Sadly, though, some companies are now leaving the system to create their own.

In response to The Guardian’s article entitled, “Is Fairtrade finished?”, we’re stating that while certifiers must evolve and bring transparency into their programs, businesses must stop setting and marking their own homework. Someone impartial and knowledgeable, like an NGO or certifier, has to set the standard to ensure it’s truly fair. 

Read our full response about how a transparent future is the way forward for certifications.

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