Sustainable fashion workshop: building trust through transparency

With more news coming out every day about the negative environmental and social processes propping up the global fashion industry, a strategy is needed for ensuring that sustainability, impact and transparency sit at the heart of your business.

74% of the UK public think clothing brands should be responsible for what happens in their supply chains, but only 11% feel they are kept well-informed about the impacts of clothing manufacturing on the environment and people. – The Changing Markets Foundation, January 2019

Join Provenance in partnership with the British Fashion Council for an intimate half-day workshop specifically designed for those fashion industry professionals working in small and medium-sized businesses that want to set a sustainable, transparent strategy.


We’ll be discussing trends and the tech driving them, showcase best-in-class examples, and help you own your roadmap for an honest supply chain. The focus will be on taking accountability, making responsible decisions and driving positive impact for the future – all using verified third-parties and data to ensure no ‘greenwashing’ is allowed.

Why attend?

Change is no longer an option for the fashion industry – and progressive steps will need to be taken quickly. Come together with the leading innovation and technology behind Provenance to be a pioneer in the industry, championing what’s good – while making a difference to your bottom line.

  • Discover market trends in the sustainable/ethical space: Market research and analysis from our expert team covering consumer demand to industry best practice.
  • Blockchain and transparency tech masterclass: An interactive blockchain overview using our toolkit, high-level intros to other relevant technologies from DNA, Isotopes to Internet of Things (IoT) and sensors. See how fashion innovators are already doing this!
  • Apply the trends and tech to your fashion business: Develop your strategy from quick wins to longer-term sustainability or supply chain initiatives. Create return-on-investment hypothesis and calculations to inform your business, team or department strategy.
  • Network and get your questions answered over lunch: See how the platform works to harness the potential of blockchain and create a user-friendly approach to mapping out your product’s journey along its supply chain.
  • One month free on the Provenance platform: Includes access to our “artisan” package for one month. Make claims and track the stories behind your product, evidencing them on blockchain and supporting with data to share on-pack or in digital formats.

The workshop will be an absolute maximum of 20 people and there will be minimum of 3 Provenance/BFC team members to ensure personal questions and guidance is received.




More background:

In 2013, Provenance was one of the first organisations in the world to use blockchain technology in product supply chains. We are now a growing team of transparency and technology experts working with great businesses around the world – from Unilever and Sainsbury’s to more than 200 pioneering smaller brands.

We currently work with a range of fashion brands who are looking to spearhead innovation and transparency in the industry as a part of the wider fashion revolution. From positive social welfare stories to tracking the raw materials for textiles, sustainability and impact are helping to drive ROI and loyalty with like-minded customers.

We have been running successful workshops directly with our clients for more than 4 years, but this new collaborative format allows for different brands to attend together to network and learn from each other, while making the workshop accessible to individuals and brands of all sizes.

We are proud to be partnering with the British Fashion council on this workshop as part of their Positive Fashion initiative.


Not able to attend this time? We will be running further workshops and events in the UK and other cities around the world in 2019, please register your interest here.