The ‘quiet’ transition to going green & why leaders are hesitant to speak up

Image credit: The Guardian
Image credit: The Guardian

All trends are pointing to a massive shift in shopper behaviour towards more socially and environmentally-sustainable brands. So when research and news are filled with stats on why this is the way forward, why would a business be worried to publicise their progress around sustainability initiatives?

Outside of some pioneers in the space (and plain opportunists) that have launched splashy campaigns about ‘going green’, the journey to sustainability and transparency (for both your HQ *and* your supply chain), is full of challenges.

Day in and day out, we work with brands who struggle with just this: how can I be transparent when my supply chain isn’t perfect?

According to The Guardian’s latest piece on the topic, many businesses are spearheading “secret sustainability” operations without sharing that information with their customers. But, why?

“…Not because the innovations were trade secrets, or because it risked losing a cost-saving competitive edge…, but because the management was worried that to flag one area of innovation in the business for praise might attract unwanted attention to parts of its operation that were less sustainable, potentially sparking accusations of ‘green-washing’.” – The Guardian

The danger with this careful, quiet tread into the impact space means that not only do shoppers miss out on the opportunity to vote with their dollar more in favour or brands who are trying to be better, but from a business-level – the leaders who are charting these waters “have vital lessons to share.”

As the article highlights, it’s actually a loss to the development in the impact space if the leaders paving the way in it feel they cannot talk about what their success is. “We need to see sustainable goods and services move to the mainstream instead of being hidden in the shadows.”

Read the full article here on The Guardian.


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