Transparency, standards and working with Europe in the post-Brexit world

Provenance launching in Europe - Image credit: The Independent
Image credit: The Independent

We’re in uncertain times. Facing this without principles will end in disaster. More than ever, we need standards aligned with our shared values.

Between Brexit and other trade negotiations shifting historical alliances, there’s a lack of clarity on what the new rules will be. From origin to organic – how will businesses even identify themselves and what will that criteria be?

Things will be changing – but, fundamentally, the need for transparency and integrity will be stronger than ever.

At Provenance, we’ve worked across international sustainability projects as well as alongside big and small, independent EU businesses to promote an honest, innovative future for commerce.

And this will not change.

71% of Europeans see the importance of living an ethical or sustainable lifestyle. – (Global Data, 2017)

European citizens care about their social and environmental impact – and this also comes down to the way they buy products.

72% of Europeans want brands to say if they are paying workers a fair wage as well as provide information about the environmental impact of their business. – (Fashion United, 2018)

Committing to Europe

To ensure that we’re still serving our partners and brands in the EU, as well as the citizens who make up the wider Provenance community, we’ve now opened an office in Dublin and Berlin.

At our very core, we are a British and European company. We, like many London companies, are made up of a strong EU contingent with a solid connection to the markets around the continent. As an emerging tech business, we also require top talent, and benefit every day from incredible team members, from Berlin to Paris, Madrid to Ireland, who’ve helped shape our platform.

Europe continues to be a powerhouse of innovation and a beacon of collaboration – both of which we need across the tech and impact sectors.

A demand for transparency

From the start, we’ve worked with brands as they respond to EU and UK citizens who want to know more about the things that they buy. 

From Pontino, an artisan breadmaker in Italy, and Avallen, a craft spirits producer in France, through to corporate household brands like Unilever and DSM in The Netherlands and even a consortium of businesses importing tea from Africa into the EU – these businesses are all innovating to challenge the current systems in place. They are empowered by the values they share with their customers – raising the bar for integrity in Europe and beyond. 

And these shared values need to be upheld.

We’re here to support them in this. We help businesses become transparent and prove what they say while empowering shoppers to know the integrity behind the brand. This clear, at-a-glance information serves to set a consistent framework for purchases.  

As we step into this next chapter, we’re embracing brands who recognise their wider impact and want to champion what’s right. If you’re a business in the EU, let’s chat about how we can empower you with transparency and openness in the face of the unknown.