Upcoming webinar: Discover how to drive success in fashion with transparency


With changing shopper expectations and competitive pressures, the opportunity for transparency to deliver business value continues to grow.

“94% of consumers are likely to be loyal to a brand that offers complete transparency”
(Source: Label Insight)

Do you work in fashion and want to learn how to set a strategy for your transparency journey? In our next webinar, we’ll be joined by Common Objective to share insights and discuss the best practices for transparency in fashion.

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Why attend?

  • Discover how to approach transparency — whether you’re starting to think about what it means for your brand or already consider it a key strategy.
  • Learn about the solutions available to help you on this journey — processes and tools to support supply chain mapping through to technology that helps build trust with shoppers.
  • Get inspired by success stories from others in fashion — hear how fashion brands have been successful through transparency and the value it can have on your business.

Who’s this for?

Designers, marketing, sourcing and sustainability professionals working for fashion brands and looking to learn how to approach transparency.

Reserve your place alongside future-facing brands looking to embrace transparency and build loyalty with shoppers.

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More background:

Provenance was one of the first organisations to explore blockchain technology in supply chains. We are now a growing team of transparency and technology experts working with more than 300 brands around the world. Our software platform helps brands grow sales and loyalty by bringing transparency to the shopper.

Common Objective (CO) is the leading sustainable sourcing and information platform for the fashion industry, with over 15,000 members globally and growing fast. Launched in 2018, CO builds on 12 years of work by the Ethical Fashion Forum, and gives fashion professionals what they need to succeed in tomorrow’s marketplace – from sustainable production and fabric suppliers to the latest innovation, guidance and best practice.


Not able to attend this time? We will be running more webinars, workshops and events in cities around the world.

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