What’s your carbon footprint? Measure your personal climate impact with the UN’s calculator

Image credit: Carbon Analytics
Image credit: Carbon Analytics

Your lifestyle is affecting the planet. From your energy consumption and household waste to how you get around and the things you buy – your decisions impact the world you live in.

So, what’s the plan to minimise your footprint? Measure, reduce, then compensate. This is the advice set out by the United Nations Climate Change

Their online calculator accounts for specific factors to “give you a better understanding of how much greenhouse gas your daily activities represent.”

Once you’ve got your number, you can use this as a benchmark for your own progress. By changing habits and switching to better options, you can track your reduction. 

Then comes time to compensate for the areas you can’t reduce. ‘Offsetting’ through UN Certified Emissions Reductions (CERs) allows you to do just that. By purchasing these, “you are responding to the challenge of climate change and helping our society move closer to global climate neutrality (zero net impact on the climate). In addition, you are supporting worthy projects that bring sustainable development benefits to developing countries.” 

Measure your carbon footprint to get started.


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