A race to the top: Bridgehead Coffee is reaching for ‘robust transparency’

Bridgehead Coffee small-scale farmers

What does it mean for a coffee to be ‘exceptional’?

Bridgehead Coffee, a group of coffee houses and roastery in Ontario, challenges that ‘exceptional’ means going beyond just taste; it must also demand better sourcing of the beans in the first place. 

More and more people are waking up to the impact of their daily caffeine fix on the communities that produce it, so an ‘exceptional’ coffee needs to address the full impact on the people and places involved in each cup.

Bridgehead has a history here. They were the first company in Canada to offer fairtrade coffee beans – bringing them into the country from co-ops all around the world. Today, they roast around 6,000 pounds of fair and organic beans every week.

Bridgehead Coffee QR scan

By sourcing direct from farmers, their purpose is this: empower small-scale producers and incentivise their sustainable land practices. 

“We recognize the effort of our farming partners who build healthy soils, preserve biodiversity, protect waterways, and create an opportunity for their communities. Their coffees attract a premium price for exceptional quality, organic farming methods and fairtrade practices.” – Bridgehead

But a lot of brands are now “fairtrade” and “organic”. Certifications have become commonplace. As the first company in Canada to do this, they felt it was now time to raise the stakes and improve their own personal best.

On a mission to champion “robust transparency,” Bridgehead is using the Provenance platform to open their supply chain so customers can see the journey behind each cup. This includes an initiative to monitor and verify environmental impact using satellite imagery and data sources on-the-ground (in progress now and rolling out soon).

Coffee traceability at the cafe

By syncing up all the data and their partners in one place, Bridgehead is creating a window into their business and inviting customers to take a look. It’s a bold move and one that puts them ahead of the pack in the coffee world.

Leveraging innovative technology to confirm the stories and impact, Bridgehead hopes their customers will question, engage and ultimately use the information now on their website and across their cafés to demand better practices within the world of premium coffee. 


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