The transparent gift guide: 8 purchases with a purpose

It’s easy to get caught up in the festive season, but looking beyond all of the pretty packaging and Christmas marketing, there is an opportunity to support businesses that are doing good all year long.

With 55% of consumers demanding more information on social, health, environmental and safety issues, your purchasing power enables you to empower brands that care about the same things you do. From the sustainability to human rights and everything in between – there are great businesses out there making quality products with stories that matter to you.

See our seasonal round-up of some Provenance members who have been working to make a more positive impact this year…

MWoven putting ethics and sustainability at the heart of fashion innovation

Martina Spetlova syrian refugees making leather at small projects Istanbul

“All my textiles are handcrafted by highly skilled women artisans, 
who are part of a refugee charity project whose profit goes back into the community.”

Alongside her uncompromising design aesthetic, Martina Spetlova is committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing throughout her supply chain. She partners with sustainable and organic suppliers, and her chrome-free leather is hand woven by Syrian artisan refugees in a women’s social enterprise with Small Projects Istanbul.

Meet the people and places creating MWoven’s hand-woven leather fashion pieces.

Sourcing ingredients that are better for the planet

Tideford Organics british quinoa soup

“Sometimes it’s the smallest changes that make the biggest difference.”

Having cooked organic gluten-free food for more than 20 years, Tideford Organics has decided to take it to the next level. They are making more vibrant, veg-filled meals to keep us nourished through the winter – while also being transparent about the decisions they make with their ingredients.

Follow the journey of their Spiced Sweet Potato Soup with British-grown quinoa and see why it won Great British Food’s Best Healthy Boost award this year.

Ensuring the finest materials are making a positive impact

ANUKA jewellery fair mined

“Designing and making jewellery that will one day be treasured by someone, is what I love. Ensuring it is made in an ethical and sustainable way makes it much more meaningful and distinctive.’”

ANUKA Jewellery incorporates this consciousness into making sure they use recycled and certified fairmined precious metals. Ensuring the gold is “fairmined” means that it’s sourced from Fairmined registered small-scale artisan mines with a low environmental impact. Continuing to push sustainability, many of  these mines are dramatically reducing the use of mercury in their practices, enabling clean water systems for the local communities.

See how she sustainably sources her precious metals and crafts her silver collection

Meet the grass fed cows behind a healthy protein drink

ICONIC protein grass fed cows

“It is most important that our company creates products that are better for both consumers and the environment, which is we’ve always been committed to sourcing the best in pasture-raised, grass-fed dairy in our product lines.”

Provenance member ICONIC Protein focus on grass-fed and antibiotic-free cows is to ensure that only the most nutritious and clean protein is used in their drinks. 

See how they achieve this

Artisan leather, upcycled denim, East African coffee & West African grains

If you’re still looking for festive, inspiration here are a few more Provenance members making a positive impact this season:

Fuchsia shoes artisans

Fuchsia Shoes
Handcrafted leather by artisan makers in Pakistan.
See the craftsmanship that goes into their shoes

Nomad Tribe store recycled denim

Nomad Tribe Store
Stylish new garments created
from waste denim in Guatemala.
Learn how they do this

Carico coffee in Uganda

Carico Cafe
Coffee direct from smallholders in
the foothills of Uganda.
Explore their bean to barista process

Wil Edge at Greensand Ridge Distillery

Greensand Ridge Distillery
Spirits made from surplus food waste in the UK.
See how they make their Apple brandy

When you’re shopping this festive season, go beyond the label and look for opportunities to support businesses who care about the same things as you. Then, share these brands and products with us on social media @ProvenanceHQ using the hashtag #PurchaseWithAPurpose so the whole Provenance community can discover and buy better!


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