Top titles feature the journey of bacon on Provenance

“We know that consumers want more information about where their food comes from, and this is a really easy to use, interactive way that they can access more information about the source of their food.”

A new app on your phone could make it much easier to follow its journey from field to fork

BBC London News

“Shoppers are able to see information including the certification’s validity, the organic criteria met by the product, a map of its journey, and even photographs from the farm.”

Soil Association pilots blockchain technology

Fresh Produce Journal

“Linking Provenance’s blockchain design with Soil Association Certification’s databases, a product’s journey enters the blockchain in real-time.”

Organic food uses blockchain technology to further supply chain transparency this Organic September

Farming Monthly

“The information includes the farm that the product was grown or reared on, when it was taken to the supplier and how it arrived at the shop you’re buying it from.”

This New Tech Tells You Exactly Where Your Food Is Coming From

Sourced by Huffpost

“In this new partnership, consumers will be able use interactive software to discover the people, places and certifications behind the produce they buy.”

Consumers to scan food and see its unique journey from farm-to-fork

Farming UK