Bringing Provenance into the Impossible Store

Here you can see the Provenance plugin on The Impossible Shop website. Each plugin shows the story behind unique products including the people, processes and materials

Provenance worked with Lily Cole and team at Impossible to bring the stories from their supply chains to the point of sale – closing the gap between manufacturer and shopper.

The Impossible Shop brings customers hand-picked products that have great stories behind them. We are proud to have worked with Impossible Shop over the past 5 months empowering their great brands to trace the origins and histories of products and have this accessible at the point of sale, with just one line of code…

Elvis and kresse plug in impossible store

Here you can see the Provenance website plugin on the Impossible Shop to discover the story behind Elvis & Kresse bags. It’s easy to add the story and impact behind your products to Shopify and most other e-commerce platforms

Impossible invited their current brands to supply them with information and images that illustrate and document the making process behind their products, starting from the source and raw material down to how they are shipped and transported.

Impossible shop plugin coffee and plantains bowl

Here you can see the Provenance plugin on the Impossible Shop to discover the story behind the Coffee and Plantain bowl

A diversity of product stories have been created on Provenance by the Impossible Shop – all updated easily through our platform by Impossible, the brands and their collaborators. Stories are embedded into individual product pages with one line of code on the Impossible Shop so customers can discover the unique making process behind the products they take home.

The range of Impossible shop products varies from an organic cotton kids collection to a hand-embroidered contemporary cushion, a coffee and plantain bowl or British knitted hat. See an example of a Provenance plug-in on Impossible shop here towards the bottom of the page. 

One of our favourites is for Wild Rubber trainers. The story of these trainers began in a tree. Veja trainers are made from wild rubber which is harvested by and supports a local tribe in the Amazon rainforest. Latex is tapped from wild rubber trees instead of plantations that destroy the rainforest. Once the rubber is cured the cotton and sheets of rubber are sent to South Brazil where they make the shoe sole molds.

Wild rubber veja trainers

Tapping wild rubber for the Wild Rubber Trainer

Curing the rubber for the Wild Rubber trainers

Provenance plugins are available to online retailers that care about the story and impact behind their products. Plugins can contain photos and descriptions of the people, processes and journey behind a product, and be expanded to include social and environmental impact data, certifications and scores plus more information about suppliers to your store. If you’d like to bring a new dimension to your products please get in touch here.