Designing proof of payment for financial transparency

Initial sketches for Provenance proof of payment visualisations

With a shared mission for fair trading in supply chains, we’ve partnered with Fairfood to design the first-ever mechanism visualising proof of payment, with financial transparency data stored on the blockchain.

Visualising the Living Income Premium

Working with Fairfood, a Dutch non-profit organisation, we designed a proof of payment mechanism based on the United Nations’ calculation for Living Income Premium (LIP). The premium works on parameters including producer location, producer family size, and mode of transport for calculating a living wage per unit. In this case, our new mechanism verifies and displays a visual representation of farmers receiving the Living Income Premium (LIP) for their coconut harvest.

Our design incorporates a breakdown of the base price per nut, the Living Income Premium, and the total yield for the harvest. See the design in action here.


Humanising data on the blockchain

Also visualised in the design are conversations between Provenance and each coconut farmer. Conducted over SMS, Provenance asks the farmers whether they were correctly paid the appropriate premium, and the farmer confirms the amount by replying “Yes.” This feature adds a more humanised element to an otherwise mathematical data showcase.

It’s only after this conversation has successfully taken place that the verified proof of payment appears on the product page. This proof is then stored directly on the blockchain: an infallible ledger in which data that has been entered cannot be removed or amended.

Two of 55 Indonesian coconut farmers on the Provenance platform.


Supporting fairer trading in supply chains

Every day we buy products that impact our society. Part of our mission at Provenance is to increase transparency in supply chains, supporting brands and businesses that practice and promote fair pay. Designing proof of payment with Fairfood is only the beginning of our journey towards a world where businesses can showcase their best practices through our platform.